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    Why are there three different versions of the Blackphone 2?

    Silent Circle offers three different versions of the Blackphone 2 optimized for the LTE bands in specific regions of the world for the fastest data connections possible. Each Blackphone also includes a Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 charger specific to North America, Europe, or the United Kingdom. Please select the version of Blackphone based on where you would like to use the device and have it shipped.

    Does the Blackphone 2 come unlocked?

    Yes. An unlocked phone is one which is not restricted to only a single carrier's network. When you purchase a Blackphone from Silent Circle you own the phone and have no commitment or contract to any carrier. You can use your Blackphone 2 with any GSM carrier (via nano-SIM card), or you can choose not to use it with a carrier at all, and only use it on Wi-Fi.

    While traveling, will my Blackphone 2 optimized for Europe work in North America or vice versa?

    Yes. All versions of Blackphone 2 will work internationally with any mobile or data connection, though devices used outside of the optimized version region may not have access to the fastest 4G LTE connection speeds/frequency bands.